40+ World Class Leaders & Experts Have Come Together To Help You Thrive Through This Crisis and Beyond!

Thrive Through Crisis Summit: 40+ world-class experts have come together to share their most effective strategies to help you tackle the key issues that threaten to derail your financial, professional and personal well being during this global pandemic.

Time: May 22nd - 31st 2020
Place: Virtual Live Streamed In Private  FB Group

Through a FREE 10 day series of interviews, live virtual talks and interactive expert Q&A.

You will be equipped with not just the knowledge but the action steps to hit the reset button and confidently THRIVE THROUGH THIS CRISIS


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☑️ Does the CoronaVirus information overload, rumors and misinformation make your life feel out of control?
☑️ Do you find yourself binge eating or over snacking during the shutdown?
☑️ Are you displaying behaviours of a strong leader during this crisis?
☑️ Have you adapted your parenting to accommodate your teens' mental health during the crisis?


Can You Relate?

We will reveal the Golden Pillars of Thriving that will turn the Covid-19 crisis into a catalyst that changes your life!

Summit Friday 22nd - Sunday 31st May, 2020


















Meet the 40+ experts helping you to win in the Thrive Through Crisis Summit…

Where defeat is not an option! These industry leaders will equip you with the mindset and actionable steps to emerge from these uncertain times rejuvenated, restored and replenished.



Nathaniel Bassey

Pastor / Hallelujah Challenge Worship Leader

Praise: Your gateway to breakthrough during a crisis.

Kay and Shi

Owners of Squeeze In Restaurant Group, U.S.A

Our Pivot Story - Switching lanes during the corona crisis.

Sam Oye

Senior Pastor & Intl. Leadership Award Winner

4 steps to thrive in a relationship during a lockdown for singles and married.

Bukky Adisa

Founder/ CEO Career Masterclass, UK

How to Bulletproof your career and gain promotion despite the economic crash.

Emilie West

Transformational Coach
For Exec. Business Leaders

Everything you need to know about your mental and emotional health but were too afraid to ask.

Muyiwa Olarewaju

Gospel Artist & Radio/TV Presenter

Don’t Go It Alone: Relationships that will help you thrive during a crisis.

Praise Fowowe

Africa's Creator of Family Systems Engineering

How to conquer unexpected parenting challenges during the lockdown.

Claudine Reid MBE

Voted Among Britain’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs

5 Ways to navigate your business through crisis.

Ty Cohen

Publishing Expert & Personal Dev Coach

How to create a passive stream of income by publishing ebooks, and digital content on and off Amazon?

Annica Torneryd

Ex Kickboxing Champ & Award-Winning Coach

How to create boundaries to command respect and deepen relationships through crisis.

Steve Harris

Nigeria's Leading Life Strategist

5 Powerful strategies to create business immunity to withstand the COVID 19 economic crisis.

Eugenie Burton

Lifestyle Coach & CEO, Designed2Live

From Corona Crisis to power position.

Richard Tiedeman

Media/Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Sell or give away for free during this crisis? When it's appropriate to sell and sow during COVID?

Caroline Onyedinma

The Expert's Strategist & Online Business Coach

7 alternative revenue streams to supplement your salary.

Dami Oluwatoyinbo

Speaker, Writer & Trainer

Mindset: Your most powerful weapon against COVID-19 and how to activate It.

Chibundu Onuzo

Writer, Musician & Historian

Keeping your cool and staying creative in a crisis.

Sheun David Onamusi

Author & Founder of Still Dapper UK

How do you redefine success in light of the crisis?

Nicki James

CEO, Multi-Six Figure Branding Company

How to position yourself as an expert using your brand even in a lockdown.

DJ Blox Beats

Founder of DJ Blox Beats - Specialist Destination Gig

How a DJ used music, creativity and community to manage stress during a pandemic.

Mimi Ajala

President, Mimi Ajala Ministries

Homeschooling (and keeping kids busy) during COVID-19.

Chris Baker

Walt Disney Legacy Winner & John Maxwell Coach

Unexpected ways to revive your career and rescue your finances despite the furlough.

Toyin Opebiyi

Bespoke, Luxury Wedding Cake Entrepreneur

How I started a brand new profitable business and gained new clients during COVID.

Abiola Champ Salami

Harvard Alumnus & Performance Coach

Increasing your influence with emotional intelligence through the corona crisis

Stephanie Erivo

Podcast Host & Wellness Expert

How to start a health and wellness journey and stay consistent during a pandemic.

Aaron T. Aaron

Mindset Coach, Speaker &  Worship Leader

Thoughts become things: How to program your subconscious to defeat fear during crisis.

Al Ruttan

John Maxwell Team Executive Team Director

5 steps to thriving through crisis.

Phinnah Chichi Ikeji

Teen Parenting Coach

How to safeguard your teens' mental health during a lockdown.

Nicholas Ugoalah

High Performance Expert and Executive Coach

How to develop the mindset and habits that will keep you fit without having to go the gym.

Mark Neale

John Maxwell Team Executive Director

Leveraging lockdown: How to deal with fear and paralysis during lockdown.

Annabel Aaron

Brain Aneurysm Survivor, Consultant & Speaker

From brain aneurysm to breakthrough: The lies holding you back from overcoming.

Toju Oluwatoyinbo

Author Speaker & Trainer

Navigating  through virtual and long-distance relationships in a new normal.

Goziam Okogwu

Music Architect/ CEO, RITE Collective

Helping creatives survive Covid-19 in 2020 and beyond.

Nkechi Ajaero

Wellbeing & Nutrition Strategist

Nutrition rich recipes to heal and boost your immune during COVID-19.

Janis Janovskis

John Maxwell Team Executive  Director

Three M's (Motivation, Marketing, Mindset) to take hold of the new low touch economy.

Detola Amure

Productivity Coach & Grief Recovery Expert

How to overcome the loss of loved ones, release grief and receive grace.

Ken Okoroafor

Founder, The Humble Penny & Financial  Expert

The Humble Penny case study - How a simple blog manifested 7 streams of income and created financial freedom.

Tola Okogwu

Hair Educator, journalist & Author

Let us talk ladies hair: Hair care at home during a lockdown.

Enoch Alamu

Propery Expert, UK

Thriving in your property business despite COVID 19.

Riri Okoye

CEO of Majestically Rare Events

5 Steps to confidently build relationships that lead to revenue even in a crisis.

Victor Tarfa

Speaker/Author & Founder of Generation Nehemiah

Mental resilience during uncertain times.

Joel Vuadens

Intl. Corporate Trainer & Exec. Leadership Coach

How to turn your influence into income during uncertain times.

Bolanle Akinbolu

Career Success Coach

How to write a winning CV that gets you selected for interviews even in a lock down using simple & effective strategies.

Grace Adewale

Educator & Tuition Center Director 

Supporting special needs children during the lock down and beyond.

Eloho Efemuai

Award Winning Broadcaster & Media Executive

The most effective way to use social media during the crisis.

Folake Abiola-James

Finance Director, UK SME

Understanding and application of money habits even in a crisis

Banke Adebayo

Virtual Assistant Coach & Instagram Strategist

Instagram to Income: How I built a 'work from home' business with high paying international clients using Instagram.

Wonu Adefala

Pastor, Salem INt'l Ministries

Single and thriving in lockdown.


Anwin Mbah

Money Mindset & Generational Wealth Expert

COVID 19 financial support & survival for UK small businesses.

Bola Latinwo

Barrister & Afro Caribbean Legal Safeguarding Expert

Quarantine Quarrels: Child protection, domestic abuse & educational attainment under the Coronavirus Act.

Sotonye Deru

Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur & Speaker

From breakdown to balance for stressed out mums in lockdown.

Tim Oladeru

Creator of DappyTKeys Piano Worship Channel on YouTube

Recognising opportunities during a crisis as a creative.

Doyin Olorunfemi

Productivity Strategist & Founder of MAPHer Ltd 

G.R.O.W inspite of crisis.

Summit Friday 22nd - Sunday 31st May, 2020









Our Powerful Experts Featured By:

Get Access to 40+ Expert Trainings. The best part…you get to watch for FREE (for a limited time)



There’s no fluff or filler. Each world class leader was carefully selected in order to give you top notch strategies on their zone of genius. They cut straight to the chase to give you the help you need so you don't have to spend hours on google or asking fake gurus who don't really have the answers.

It's what's actually working today. The pandemic has changed everything. What worked before COVID may not be effective today. Many of the speakers have experienced the challenges that you are facing but have experienced breakthrough. The summit is packed with what's working now strategies that will help you THRIVE TODAY.



FREE for a limited time if you sign up today.Travelling to events is expensive and time consuming. Each speaker charges hundreds and even thousands of pounds  for just an hour of their time but during this virtual summit you can access their expertise for free online!

You get to listen and participate from the comfort of your own couch while eating snacks!

It’s a gathering of champions. Each speaker is the leader of a thriving community where they use their influence to change lives and shatter the glass ceiling on limitations. They talk the talk because they've actually walked the walk and are ready to guide you on your journey to success too.

Everyone get's to participate. This is an interactive summit where attendees are encouraged to participate, share their story and complete fun tasks that will bring them closer to breakthrough.

We thrive better as a community. There will be opportunities to build strategic relationships and network in the private Facebook group that will host the summit.

Get Access to 40+ Expert Teachings helping you take back control of your life and livelihood.

The best part…you get to watch for FREE (for a limited time).



What is the Thriving Through Crisis Summit?

It’s an online, video & live stream event with 40+ expert leaders covering a wide range of topics across the 8 Golden Pillars of Thriving.

Our world-class speakers are coaches, experts and thought leaders with thriving communities. They've joined hands on this virtual platform to bring strategies that people pay them thousands of pounds or dollars to help you achieve breakthrough. You get this for FREE for a limited time.


Who is the Summit For?

It's for everyone. If you want to THRIVE not just SURVIVE through this crisis. If you want restoration and rejuvenation in all areas of your life then sign up.

How Do I Access The Thriving Through Crisis Summit?

We go live on Friday, May 22nd at 10am UK GMT. The entire event is online and you'll be able to access it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone, tablet, or computer. Awesome, right?

When you sign up for the summit you'll receive notifications of when the content, interviews, Q&As and special offers will be released. All content and activity will be hosted and streamed virtually & globally in a private Facebook Group.

When Can I Watch The Challenge Trainings & Interviews?

During the summit we will send you a daily itinerary featuring the speakers and topics of the day. You'll be able to access them in the Private Summit Facebook Group. Not on Facebook? That's fine. You will also be able to access the content from a standalone summit page that will be revealed during the summit.

What’s the Speaker PlayBook?

When you claim your free pass, we'll send you the Summit Playbook! You'll be able to learn more about the speakers, follow them on social media and build strategic relationships with the movers, shakers and decision makers of your industry or interests.

Get Access to 40+ Expert Teachings helping you take back control of your livelihood and life.

The best part…you get to watch for FREE (for a limited time)


Meet Your Hosts

Aaron T. Aaron

Aaron T Aaron is a global John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Speaker and founder of the Empowerment Mentoring school. He is a successful entrepreneur who uses practical applications of proven methods, and his experience to help and equip aspiring business owners, with the personal skills they need for professional growth.

Aaron has a vast level of experience delivering workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and personal one to one coaching. He has helped produce many stories of success through coaching individuals and families, including young children. This has helped him prove that success and achievement is all about the mindset.

Aaron is also a singer, songwriter and gospel artist who has released two albums and leads worship across the nations and tours regularly.

Caroline Onyedinma

I'm a digital marketing coach that specializes in sales funnels, automation and conversion.

More importantly, I’m a wife, mother and six figure business owner, who firmly believes you can have a thriving business without sacrificing your.freedom, flexibility or family.

I get to help entrepreneurs, just like you, with the strategy, sales messaging and systems to grow a wildly profitable business.

If you dream of cheering front row at every one of your kid's sports games; mid week date nights with your significant other, all while effortlessly raking in profits on autopilot, you're in the right place

Get Access to 40+ Expert Teachings helping you take back control of your livelihood and life.

The best part…you get to watch for FREE (for a limited time)


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